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BusinessWeek on Social Enterpreneurship

We have covered this before and it is worth mentioning again, there has been a definite movement among the mainstream media to cover social issues including those specific to global health. See our previous post on “Trends: Development/Global Health in the Business Press” and another one here. And don’t forget what might have been a groundbreaking commercial by ExxonMobil on malaria during the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. The more the better so that we can hopefully get these messages embedded into the larger social consciousness (especially those who work in the private sector, don’t forget the original social contract between the first corporate organization and the community has been broken, maybe with increased coverage corporations will find their way again). Excerpt below:

Making Social Entrepreneurship Matter, BusinessWeek August 6, 2008
“Social entrepreneurship (BusinessWeek, 12/14/07) has become a hot topic in recent years, attracting people filled with the loftiest of intentions who want to do good by doing good. But it’s the tricky feat of running a sustainable operation that is the more elusive goal. So when I learned that Lubetzky had created a viable business model (in operation since 1994) that brings Arabs and Israelis together while plowing profits into peacemaking efforts, I rang up PeaceWorks’ New York office and was invited down for a visit.”

There are also some good posts on a what seems to be a relatively new GlobeSpotting blog at BusinessWeek, with dispatches from current travel in Africa: Globespotting and Social Entrepreneurship.

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August 11, 2008 at 7:19 am

Global Health Job Trends is a job search engine that I have found to be pretty decent. I got an idea of looking at job trends from this post looking at the job collapse in certain sectors (which certainly passes the smell test from everything we know). There are several reasons why the below graph could be inaccurate, but it is still fun to look at and keep any eye on over time:

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May 19, 2008 at 8:07 pm

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Trends: Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Investment

Conducting clinical trials overseas is nothing new, however, increasing access to capital and investment in emerging countries does appear to be relatively recent. Two new pieces (links at end) detail the move into China by pharmaceutical companies. I have covered this notion in a previous post.

Even though there has not been much discussion of this trend, it really is not surprising with the increasing attention and acknowledgment of the major chronic disease threats facing developing countries and particularly high growth economies. In addition to the pharmaceutical companies moving into Asia, the largest managed care company in the US (by revenue), the United Health Group, through a subsidiary is looking to establish five chronic disease centers (more information at the Center for Global Dev blog), hoping to replicate the success of infectious disease centers:

“Ovations plans to replicate this success. Centres will be expected to train and develop individuals who will become leaders and be ready to capitalise on the large flow of funds that is likely soon to be available for countering chronic disease in the developing world.”

The middle class in places like China and perhaps India will certainly start to gain access to many of the treatments the US middle class has, however the question of access to the poor is a big question. As the CNN article states below, China recently ruled in favor of a Pfizer drug patent. Given the trend of big pharma moving into certain emerging markets, this pro industry ruling and big pharma’s obessive fear over generic competition, distributing low cost drugs (brand or generic) to BOP markets may become much more difficult as MNCs enter these markets. However, perhaps this will be mitigated by some sort of tiered pricing system, provided there are guaranteed arbitrage protections (which I am guessing could be very difficult).

In terms of infrastructure and capital investment things are certainly starting to heat up, watch this space in the future to see what happens…

Developing Trends – Recent News:

China: Big Pharma’s new New Jersey, CNN link

Asia Will Become The New Center Of Gravity, Pharmalot post

Indian biotech industry crosses $2 billion, link

Not directly related, but interesting – Call for a Global FDA, link

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August 20, 2007 at 11:58 pm