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Mobile Phone & Development Link Drop

Mobile Phone & Global Development Link Drop

  • New Mobile Health Newsletter launches, full story, newsletter
  • MIT Course: mobile technologies for social change, link
  • Mobile Phones fighting Cholera, link
  • So You Want to Quit Smoking: Have You Tried a Mobile Phone? link
  • The Cellphone That Could Change the World, SE Change blog
  • Phones for Health: Great Idea But Where’s the Evidence? Center for Global Development
  • UC Berkeley Human Rights Center Mobile Challenge, [deadline March 20] link
  • Foundations announce Mobile Health, Banking Initiatives, we have blogged about the UN-Vodafone-Rockefeller alliance before, link
    • For a full list of all projects in the mHealth for Development alliance see 3G Doctor, link
  • New article on the bandwidth threshold needed to diagnose stroke remotely (telemedicine), link
  • Mobile Phone Quick Hits Around Africa, link
  • Remittance estimate via mobile phones cut by 50%, link
  • International Women’s Day: Women in Mobile and Mobile for Women, MobileActive
  • iPhone Apps for Nonprofits, HaveFunDoGood (hat tip ckreutz)
  • Bullet Point on the Challenges with Mobiles Phones for Human Development, link
  • Are Hospital Mobile Phones Dialing Up Superbugs?, link (hat tip ckreutz)

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