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Obama’s Organic Farm?

DC is going through the post-election post-inaugural blues. Now the real work begins and there is plenty of buzz around all sorts of issues. One that is receiving some attention is a push to influence food policy. The guys over at (White House Organic) have been traveling across the country in an organic farm bus to show that you can do this anywhere. Additionally, leading celebrity chefs are pushing the issue as well. Did you know that the White House did have its own garden before? The Victory Garden planted by Eleanor Roosevelt inspired the rest of the country, so don’t doubt the impact this could have if Obama ripped up the White House lawn. Check out the below video and if you are inspired sign the petition below the video:


Other Sources:
– San Francisco City Hall already has their own Victory Garden, Link
– American Victory Garden, Past and Present, worth checking out, Link
– A lengthy post over at BlogHer debating the issue, Link


Written by Aman

January 24, 2009 at 10:47 am

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