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IOM to Obama: Get a Mapping Tool 4 Global Health

The prestigious Institute of Medicine (IOM) came out with their policy proposals for global health. I ripped this off from the Science blog site, they put it well:
Funding has been “heavily skewed” toward HIV/AIDS, the committee stressed…The Obama Administration and Congress should “create balance in the traditional portfolio of global health aid…”

In one of its most blistering passages, the committee complained that the government doesn’t have a good handle on who is doing what. “To date, the committee is not aware of any efforts to broadly coordinate and quantify U.S. actions in global health across even the major government agencies… The tools available to track U.S. government global health funding are limited, and their results are often piecemeal, subject to double counting. As a result, the total U.S. government commitment to global health is not known with any certainty; the United States can neither measure the positive impacts nor justify the level of its investments in global health.” To better coordinate the U.S. government’s global health effort, the report recommends that Obama create a White House-level interagency committee, chaired by a senior White House official, “to lead, plan, prioritize, and coordinate…” via the Science blog.
There are a ton of issues here. One that came straight to my mind, probably as a result of my own cognitive bias (see my previous post) is that Obama needs a donation like mapping tool (only half joking)! What I mean by this is that perhaps he needs to borrow technology available from a variety of sources like the PQMD donation mapping tool or ZocDoc to map, track and coordinate. Again this might be another example of the global health community being behind the curve with regards to tech adoption…


Written by Aman

December 18, 2008 at 6:01 am

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