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Quote of the Day: We need an American PEPFAR

“A report released by the United Nations last month suggests that inequality in New York, Washington, Atlanta and New Orleans rivals that of some cities in Africa…The life expectancy of African Americans in the United States is about the same as that of people living in China and some states of India, despite the fact that the United States is far richer than the other two countries.”
Source: UW Geography Blog

“More Black Americans are infected with HIV than the total populations of people living with HIV in seven of the 15 countries served by PEPFAR…Despite extraordinary improvements in HIV treatment, AIDS remains the leading cause of death among Black women between 25-34 years and the second leading cause of death in Black men between 35-44 years…U.S. policy treats AIDS as a foreign policy priority, but virtually ignores the epidemic among Black citizens here at home,””
Source: Louisiana Weekly

Commentary forthcoming…


Written by Aman

November 12, 2008 at 10:38 pm

Posted in Global Health, HIV/AIDS

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