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New Guest Blogger: Leadership & Management in Global Health

We are excited to announce a new guest blogger joining us from Management Sciences in Health – Sylvia Vriesendorp. We are lucky to have someone with a wealth of experience and expertise in the area of leadership and management. In addition Sylvia will certainly add diversity to the thought on this blog and challenge our own thinking in terms of where management fits into the picture (along side and versus other things like technology or technical solutions). So I am looking forward to her posts.

As mentioned Sylvia’s interest is in bringing the whole issue of management and leadership to the fore in international health. And as she emailed me, her expert opinion is that “It is much neglected and has produced many disasters that are very costly, both in terms of $$ and loss of life. Along with her work, the mission is to bridge the gap between what is known and what is done about public health. Management and leadership are two areas that we have learned a lot about in the last 10 years, especially that there are pathways to get from ‘clueless’ to well managed and well led. More and more of these pathways are virtual (self study, blended programs, email/phone coaching, etc.) – we have found this message resonating with lots of people we cross paths with.” Sylvia’s bio is below:

“Sylvia is an organizational psychologist at the Center for Leadership and Management of Management Sciences for Health, a nonprofit international health organization based in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA).  Before joining MSH she worked with UNESCO in Senegal and EngenderHealth in New York. Her current work focuses on leadership development, using the internet as well as traditional face to face training, of health professionals in developing countries. This work is funded by USAID through the Leadership, Management and Sustainability (LMS) Program. She speaks English, French and Dutch.”


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August 15, 2008 at 1:31 pm

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  2. Welcome to the conversation, Sylvia. I look forward to reading your insights!

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