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Clean Water, Sanitation and Electricity Fundraiser

AIDG is a wonderful organization and they are having an event tomorrow in NYC. Please pass this onto your networks:

“The Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group (AIDG) helps individuals and communities get affordable and environmentally sound access to electricity, sanitation and clean water.  Through a combination of business incubation, education, and outreach, we help people get technology that will better their health and improve their lives.”


Written by Aman

November 7, 2007 at 6:59 am

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  1. Hi,

    I would like to tell you about a Nepalese innovator Sanu Kaji Shrestha, founder of FoST (Foundation of Sustainable Technologies).

    The organization FoST is providing low-cost, low-tech, easily adaptable and locally built sustainable technologies to improve the lives of the poor people living in the rural areas of Nepal and to protect the very fragile environment of Nepal.

    They have been providing wide selection of products for cooking, drying, heat retaining and water purification using both solar and other environment-friendly sustainable technologies.

    They are also working to further empower Nepalis, especially women, orphans and handicapped, by providing training and employment opportunities through projects designed to create micro-enterprises in sustainable technology.

    With very limited resources they are doing research and they are constantly evaluating existing sustainable technologies and adapting them to the specific resources and needs of the poor.

    FoST is also offering education to improve the lives of the poor people living in the rural areas of Nepal. They regularly organize interactive training workshops and seminars for community members and schools to educate the public on the need for sustainable technologies and to protect the very fragile environment.

    Over the last months a lot has happened for FoST. Due to their hard work, success and dedication to help and educate poor communities, I am very pleased to inform you that FoST are among the 12 finalists for the World Challenge 2007!

    The World Challenge is a global competition and was set up three years ago by the BBC World, Newsweek and Shell to recognize the innovators of this world. The jury of the World Challenge has chosen FoST as one of the dozen finalists to be filmed for the 2007 series. Over 940 nominations were received which makes reaching the final 12 a great achievement for FoST!
    The popular programmes were shown on BBC World over the last month and this week FoST was featured in Newsweek.

    All 12 finalists are great, I admit, but we personally know that FoST is trustworthy and helping many different causes using renewable energy / sustainable technologies.

    Also very important is that FoST is not targetting one certain group or one certain problem. They are looking for answers and solutions to stop the vicious circle the rural and urban poor are facing not only in Nepal, but on our whole planet. Sanu Kaji Shrestha has already been contacted by humanitarian groups in Afghanistan and Cambodia who would like to use his expertise.

    With his simple, but highly effective solutions he is fighting important global problems such as:

    – POVERTY (by educating and empowering communities, creating opportunities for them to earn extra money and even start their own business)

    – POLLUTION (by introducing more sustainable technologies and clean renewable energies such as solar power for daily use)

    – WASTE AND GARBAGE (by using waste such as paper, saw dust etc… to make briquettes as fuel)

    – DEFORESTATION (by using briquettes made from waste instead of wood)

    – DESERTIFICATION / LANDSLIDES (caused by clearing of trees and plants for firewood)

    – ILLNESSES CAUSED BY INDOOR AIR POLLUTION such as eye and lung diseases (by introducing more efficient cooking stoves creating less smoke)

    – ILLNESSES CAUSED BY CONTAMINATED WATER such as diarrhoea, parasites, cholera… (by introducing simple water purification systems working on solar power)

    – ILLNESSES CAUSED BY LACK OF HYGIENE (by introducing simple hygienic solar drying devices – food is longer kept and of better quality)

    – HIGH FUEL COSTS FOR COOKING (by teaching people how to make their own fuel briquettes from waste materials, therefor lowering their daily costs of fuel (20% of daily costs). Fuels such as fire wood, kerosene and L.P. gas are becoming more and more expensive)

    – OUTCASTS (by empowering and educating orphans, handicapped, blind, deaf, mentally retarded, people suffering from diseases or suffering because of an accident… FoST empowers them by education and teaches them skills enabling them to be independent and even important to the community)

    – TIME CONSUMING DAILY TASKS such as fetching wood for cooking (by creating more efficient cooking devices – cooking on waste briquettes and / or solar power)

    There are only 4 more days to vote for FoST (until Friday 16th November), but would you be so kind to vote for FoST in the World Challenge 2007. Maybe post the info on your blog?

    To vote yourself and even tell others to vote, please click on:

    For more info about FoST:

    Thank you,

    Kind regards,

    Sandra Wijnveldt


    Sandra Wijnveldt

    November 12, 2007 at 7:07 am

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