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More Web 2.0: Power of Online Social Networks

We have blogged about the power of online social networks before as have many other bloggers. The Wall Street Journal has a brief review on online social networks and cause marketing that you can see below. For those of us in the public health space, we should be taking notes on how to leverage these ideas and what’s around the corner for reaching out to people (for education, involvement, philanthropy, documenting disease trends, etc.). This may not be directly related to global health yet or promoting a favorite cause, but check out the growing popularity of PatientsLikeMe (a social networking site of sorts where patients can discuss how they managed their conditions… and perhaps they can add a feature down the line for raising funds for a particular disease?).

A New Generation Reinvents Philanthropy:
Blogs, Social-Networking Sites Give 20-Somethings a Means To Push, Fund Favorite Causes

Wall Street Journal, August 21st, by Rachel Silverman

“Joe Alamo didn’t set out to become a do-gooder. But late last year, when the Geneva, N.Y., Web designer was surfing on MySpace, he chanced onto the profile of, a nonprofit that allows people to make zero-interest “microfinance” loans over the Internet to needy entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Young donors and volunteers, snubbing traditional appeals such as direct mail and phone calls, are satisfying their philanthropic urges on the Internet. They’re increasingly turning to blogs and social-networking Web sites…”Full story



Written by Aman

September 6, 2007 at 4:13 pm

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