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Kiva, Clinton and Oprah

Last week we alerted you to Bill Clinton being on Oprah to promote his new book – Giving. I didn’t actually get to see the episode, but from the buzz on other blogs and various news reports, it seems like it was quite a hit and in the process Kiva got some great publicity from Oprah. Catch up on the latest news and blog posts on Kiva below and see the YouTube interview at the end:

The best part of Bill Clinton’s appearance on Oprah from “Don’t Tell the”:
“A big part of the PR tour was taping an appearance on Oprah. Several news outlets have been reporting the story from the angle that Oprah and Clinton are both big donors… but for me, the show was stolen by Matt and Jessica Flannery, co-founders of Kiva, who were sitting in the front row. Read more…”

Kiva | Starting the week on a “LinkedIn for Good” note from the LinkedIn Blog:
“We have started profiling some of the non-profit groups who have been associated with our “LinkedIn For Good” initiatives. This week we are taking a quick look at Kiva, the second micro-finance group we’ve profiled on our blog… Here are five uplifting stories of the people behind Kiva as well as those whose life has changed through the service.” Read more (with video)

Hipcast: Matthew and Jessica Flannery, Founders of, from Innovate
“Great things are afoot at Kiva, featured today on Oprah alongside Bill Clinton…iinnovate caught up with Matt and Jessica Flannery for an insightful chat…” Read more and listen to the interview at Innovate…

Kiva and Clinton on Oprah September 4th
Check out the Kiva founders presentation and interview over at NetSquared

Entrepreneurs Helping Others: Kiva.Org, from Ladies who Launch

Microfinancing: A Social Capitalism Success, GreenOptions

News reports:

Loans to change lives, MSNBC (with video)
“I was struck by the simplicity of Kiva but also its potential to impact lives in a meaningful way.”

Help the world with a small loan, Orlando Sentinel
“Will Nathan, 23, became their lender through All while sitting on his couch. Nathan is at the forefront of an emerging form of grass-roots philanthropy that makes everyday people microfinancers.”


Written by Aman

September 4, 2007 at 9:59 pm

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