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Graphic Ads on Cigarette Packs

Britain has decided to use very graphic pictures on cigarette packs, I am guessing this will work much better than written warnings. The below wording is part of press release which I find partly amusing because they say “words failed to stamp out smoking”. I find it hard to believe they thought words would actually deter smoking. If they did, all I can say is that is very very scary. Perhaps other countries and regions will follow suit, but that is not likely. Up to 160 million smokers in Asia could be dead by 2050 and 1 billion smoking related deaths by the end of the century, so this is a massive problem (see the following – here, here and here).

Press Release:
“This image is one of the graphic pictures to be place on packs of cigarettes to discourage smokers. Words failed to stamp out smoking, so Britain will require graphic pictures of diseased organs on cigarette packs next year, the government announced. The images include a diseased lung, a chest cut open for heart surgery, and a large tumor on a man’s neck. The new warnings will be required on cigarette packs in the second half of 2008, the department said.” Full story.



Written by Aman

September 2, 2007 at 10:37 am

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