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China and Global Health

Partly because of my recent visit to Beijing I am fascinated by what is happening in/with China. In addition, because China is now front and center stage and because they play such an important role in the lives of those living not only in the West (see living without “Made in China”, via Treehugger; Amazon book) but for those in various regions (see Africa and China) there are substantial implications to what happens in China on many important levels (global business & finance, global health, global environmental conditions). With the 2008 Olympics just around the corner, you will only hear more and more about these issues and hopefully the media blitz will have some positive impact on governance and policy issues going forward. With that I want to highlight what prominent bloggers have been recently talking about with respect to China and health/global health issues with a couple of articles mixed in:

  • What Do China’s Scandals Mean For Public Health? Epidemix blog
  • Mounting Poverty, Health Risks for China’s Sex Workers, Think Girl
  • China to ban tobacco advertising from 2011, Forbes
  • China health threat: much bigger than paint, Zenbowl over at Daily Kos
  • Top Ten Posts on China, Health Care and Globalization,

Bonus: The Atlantic, audio photo essay on “Made in China”, worth a quick look, link


Written by Aman

August 29, 2007 at 12:01 am

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