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Malaria drugs recalled in Kenya

Jaspal tipped me off to this story that some of you may have heard of before. The state of recall related to China is getting is at a ridiculous level. No time to write a detailed post on this, but you will find below a few headlines for this recall and for the one on the fake diabetes test strips. The first article on fake diabetes test strips (link) provides the most detail and is worth reading. Also worth checking out or bookmarking is a blog devoted to these issues: Made (Deadly) in China.

Malaria drugs recalled in Kenya, link

China Counterfeit Diabetes Tests Tracked by J&J, link

Fake diabetes test kit linked to Shanghai company, link

The China Syndrome: Consumers Begin Fighting Back, link

Blog: Made (Deadly) in China, GET THE FACTS


Written by Aman

August 17, 2007 at 10:27 pm

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