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Capitalizing on the Mobile Revolution for Health Information Collection

Mobile devices and wireless connectivity options have advanced a swift pace. Many health care realize the potential of these mobile technologies to improve the accuracy, speed and efficiency of certain aspects of the health care infrastructure. The lowest hanging fruit in this regard is transferring paper-based reporting systems to digital media of one kind of another. The Stop AIDS project has developed wireless app to speed the processing of behavioral risk assessment surveys called WiFi Palm Surveys.  It is not clear which Palm device they are using and why they have chosen that particular platform, but it seems that the forms are created using technologies from Anywhere Mobile Solutions based in Tulsa, OK.  One big key to the sustainability of such efforts is the availability of cheap and reliable wireless connectivity.  Luckily for Stop AIDS, San Francisco is in the midst of a large scale Wifi project.  Click here for more info on the San Francisco Municipal Wifi project.


Written by Mahad Ibrahim

June 7, 2007 at 9:34 pm

Posted in Global Health

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