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Desk Clearing

I am back into town after having been on the interview and conference circuit and it is time to clean out my inbox. Enjoy the links below.

  • Linking consumers to social causes, link
  • Untapped potential of non-profit brands, link
  • Mobile Phones
    – CDMA, SIM, GSM: a review of basic Cell phone terminology, link
    – Low cost cell phones, link
  • Seven innovations case study (will be added to case study page), link
  • Blogging from Darfur, link
  • Blogging popularity increases – UNC Health System CEO from S.Africa, link
  • Beter late than never, PBS is officially on the social entrepreneurship bandwagon (via social roi), link

Business for good / Business for development stories

  • Sign up for the 2008 social capitalist awards, link
  • OLPC vs INTC (Negroponte-Intel throwdown), link
  • Harvard Business School case studies
    – Alleviating Poverty and Malnutrition: Successful Models, link
    – PSI: Social Marketing Clean Water, link
  • World renowned IT giant, Infosys, supports social entrepreneurship, via, link
  • MBAs for good & NYU Stern on social entrepreneurship, link 1, link2
  • Executive on a mission, link
  • Tangentially related – Growth of emerging market companies amongst the Fortune 500, link
  • Tangentially related – Google and gene mapping, link
  • More on Gates Foundation impact on Seattle, link

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May 28, 2007 at 6:44 pm

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