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Blogger Invitation for Malaria Conference Call

I received this very interesting email today that must have gone out to dozens of bloggers (I am assuming). It is an invitation to bloggers to join in on a conference call on public-private ventures for fighting malaria. Of course I am biased and am glad to see them reaching out to various audiences and trying to leverage this technology. Now if the mainstream public health folks would learn to do the same or even learn what a blog is I would be happy. That’s not asking for too much is it? If any of you would like to join in let me know and I will see what I can do. Please spread the word about this:

I’m inviting you to participate in a blogger conference call on Monday, April 23 from 12 – 1 PM EST with Admiral Ziemer, coordinator of the President’s Malaria Initiative Coordinator; John Bridgeland, CEO of Malaria No More; Chris Hentschel, CEO of Medicines for Malaria Venture; and Steven Phillips, ExxonMobil’s Medical Director, Global Issues and Projects, to discuss public/private partnership efforts to fight malaria.

For the first time ever this year, the U.S. is officially recognizing Africa Malaria Day (April 25) with events and activities that bring attention to, mobilize action in, and raise money for the fight against malaria. Africa Malaria Day marks the anniversary of the signing of the 2000 Abuja Declaration, during which African heads of state committed to reducing malaria-related deaths by half by the end of this decade.

There are a variety of public and private entities who are currently working on combating malaria by working with advocates on the ground in Africa and by funding research, prevention and treatment efforts. We would like to use this call as an opportunity to share information about ways in which the private and public sectors are combating malaria, answer any questions you may have, and hear your feedback.


Written by Aman

April 17, 2007 at 9:08 pm

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