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Giving Credit: Black Heritage in Technology

The issues surrounding the demographics of: the public health workforce, students in schools of public health, decision makers and policy analysts receives such little attention or fruitful discussion that I thought it was worth noting this related upcoming talk by James E. West, PhD. Dr. West is a research faculty member of Johns Hopkins University and co-inventor of the microphone (back in 1962).

Dr. West will be delivering a talk next week on his research and separately on Black heritage in technology (link). As he will discuss – “Blacks and other non-whites have received much less recognition than they merit for inventions that have improved the quality of life for all people.” His microphone invention is now used in “most telephones, cell phones, tape recorders, acoustic equipment, toys and in all hearing aids”. I encourage you to check out the following piece on him in Johns Hopkins Magazine.


Written by Aman

April 2, 2007 at 10:07 pm

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