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Atlas Corps, Bringing Volunteers to the US

I just learned about this newish non-profit that aims to bring volunteers to the US from the “Global South” for a one year exchange fellowship. When I did a blog search on them (Technorati and Google) there were less than 5 hits, so I decided to quickly mention of the organization because I am guessing some folks have not heard of them. Among the many notables on the advisory board is Senator Harris Wofford, Co-founder of Peace Corps. It looks like an interesting organization with a new spin on things. You can read more about them on the Atlas Service Corps website:

“The Atlas Service Corps (Atlas Corps) is a new citizen sector business model that will revolutionize international service and build a global partnership for development. Atlas Corps brings rising citizen sector leaders from developing countries to volunteer at U.S. Organizations for a one year fellowship. By reversing the flow of volunteers, Atlas Corps challenges the status quo, turning all previous international volunteerism models (like the Peace Corps) on their head.”

On their logo: For the Atlas Service Corps we chose a logo that was an upside picture of the world. For centuries everyone has accepted that north is on the top of the map while south is on the bottom. However, there is no astrological reason for this — in space there is no difference between up and down. Therefore our logo is an upside down world, representing how we are turning international exchanges up-side-down — no longer will volunteers go from the global north down to the global south, but from the global south “down” to the global north!


Written by Aman

April 2, 2007 at 8:22 pm

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