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Geography grab bag

Place and health has a long tradition.  The birth of modern spatial analysis of disease is often credited to John Snow’s London cholera map (sidebar: on our honeymoon to London, I took my wife on a public health pilgrimage to the Broad Street pump and nearby John Snow pub).  Check out the WHO’s health mapping site to get a sense how far it’s come.

Couple of interesting links on mapping.

Washington Post reports on “Maps with a Higher Profile

Maps as art takes an interesting twist in this Washington Post piece, “Here Be Dragons

From the Webyantra blog:

Mapunity (short for MAP for commUNITY) is a social entrepreneurship venture that is creating a Geographic Information System focused on socio-economic change.

Web 2.0 versions of social mapping exercises we used to do in the Peace Corps that overlay social networks and two dimensional representations of the physical world … Check out as one of a thousand examples of ‘mash-ups’ (how early 2006).

Finally social maps as networks uniquely located in cognitive space… is one of several sites offering “mind mapping” approaches to organizing knowledge.  Popular example at the SocialEdge.

Postscript –  A quick nod to a fun Feb 6th post at PSDblog “Development 2.0” on dev-tech ‘what-ifs’ .  The comments are definitely worth a read too.


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March 30, 2007 at 2:44 pm

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