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Point-of-Care Diagnostics Conference

There are a slew of conferences coming up. Here are a couple that are focused on global heath technologies and more specifically on point of care tools. For a background on this type of technology see this Nature article on global health diagnostics where they state: “Access to appropriate diagnostic tools is an essential component in global health. Diagnostics are crucial for identifying the presence and cause of disease at both the individual and population levels, correctly assessing the nature of disease, designating an appropriate course of treatment, monitoring the effects…” For details on what some of these technologies are, see the last device on the page of the Paul Yager Research group.

The first conference is next month at Rice University and it looks like Ruth Levine, from the Center for Global Development, will be presenting. Click on “tentative agenda” for the pdf here:

Later this year there will be another conference:
Washington DC, August 2007, CHI Point-of-Care Conference
Technologies are becoming available that will enable point-of-care assays that are rapid, accurate, and easy to use. The development of assays for applications in cardiac treatment, cancer, endocrine, immune disease, infectious disease will be highlighted, as well as the demand for generating reliable data and reducing costs associated with these tests.

  • Global Health Diagnostics, Steven Buchsbaum, Ph.D., Senior Program Officer, Global Health Technologies, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • FIND: Bridging the Gaps in the Development and Rollout of Innovative Diagnostics for Poverty Related Diseases, Giorgio Roscigno, M.D., Chief Executive Officer, FIND Diagnostics
  • Developing Low-cost HIV Viral Load POC Diagnostic Test for the Developing World, David M. Kelso, Ph.D., Associate Professor, MCC Biomedical Engineering, Northwestern University

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