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Event Recap by LDTC: Transforming Global Health

For this post we have partnered up with the folks at Little Devices that Could (LDTC), which is a fantastic blog. Jose from LDTC is one of the members of the Aerovax start up which was featured in Forbes Magazine last year. In a future post we will give more details on Aerovax and what the challenges are to inventing solutions for global health. Jose attended the “Transforming Global Health” meeting in Boston this past week.

From the Little Devices that Could blog:

This is the first in a more complete series of updates on the event held Tuesday night. I’m still getting past the sensory overload of the diverse projects that were discussed. Great LTDC stuff! We opted to go to TiE-Boston’s “Transforming Global Health” instead of MIT’s 100K Semifinal awards ceremony (tough choice for that night, so we’ll catch the webcast that included their Social Development Track).

Our friends at TiE hosted an evening with experts in public health, entrepreneurs, and scientists at Boston University’s School of Management. A well balanced panel and topics led to some great presentations that included:

  • A handful of microclinic business models to cover urban, periurban, and rural patients
  • An MGH led project that repurposes an automobile into an isolette for babies (my favorite)
  • Durable and locally manufacturable microfluidic diagnostic devices by the Klapperich Lab at BU
  • Need to catch up on your C-section skills? Try a few dry runs on a mother-baby simulator by the SIM Group at CIMIT thanks to advanced tissue engineering and software
  • A online telemedical consult service that lets doctors volunteer their time and expertise in far away places in as little as 30 minutes at a time.
  • A global pharma-sponsored set of research and aid programs to combat TB, malaria, and leprosy
  • Insightful discussion on the promise of leapfrogging technologies in global health, and attracting young innovators towards to the field

The panel included:
Gerald T Keusch, Associate Dean for Global Health, Boston University
Neil Ryder, PhD, Executive Director of Infectious Diseases, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research
Thomas Burke, MD, Director, Center for Global Health and Disaster Response, MGH
Brian Trelstad, CIO, Acumen Fund
Alexis Wallace, Executive Director, Medicine in Need
Vikram Sheel Kumar, MD, co-Founder, President and CEO, Dimagi

They were followed by a number of entrepreneurs active at the intersection of health, technology, and BOP opportunities.


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March 25, 2007 at 6:29 am

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