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First congrats to the folks at “Little Devices that Could”, their organization, Aerovax, was nominated for the prestigious Tech Museum Awards. You should definitely check out their site. I am under water right now and would love to post in more depth about several of the following links, but that is not going to happen, so a link drop will have to suffice. Enjoy:

  • What a U.N. Partnership with Big Business Could Accomplish“, HBS, Link
    • For a review of the recent UN Silicon Valley meeting check out NextBillion, Link
    • And related to the high tech/ICT industry, Amartya Sen on ICT for good, Link
  • New book out on foundations: “How Private Wealth is Changing the WorldLink
  • Tactile Philanthropy has an interesting post on the impact of the Private/For-Profit sector on Non-Profits, quote “Market based solutions are great when they are appropriate, but they aren’t always appropriate.” Link
  • Purdue to show low-cost AIDS-testing technology to African officials, Link…”The current cost for CD4 tests per patient in Africa is about $10…We can build a device that will reduce the cost for CD4 tests to 50 or 25 cents.”
  • A list of new technologies for the developing world (via LittleDevices), Link
  • Technology from the U of Delaware removes viruses from water, significant because viruses are the “smallest of pathogens”, Link
  • GlobaLab on the new “revolutionary product to treat malaria” – the launch of ASAQ, a $1 drug Link
  • Social enterprise podcasts and downloads, Link
  • Italy : ‘Go-India’ Fund for SMEs – $600 Million Fund, Link
  • Female Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries, purchase req’d, Link
  • CDC and Second Life: There is a debate on the internal CDC message boards on CDC and SL, Link… For those who don’t believe in Second Life, the Amercian Cancer Society raised $40,000 (real money). More detail on CDC in SL, check out the pictures here and check out the Social Marketing blog.
  • On the media front, “The Blood of Yingzhou District”, a Chinese AIDS film won the Academy Awards for best documentary, Link
  • “Forget Davos, I am booked for TED”, Business Week, Link
    Michael Schrage, co-director of the MIT Media, no longer attends TED because he is worried about bumping into Angelina Jolie there, she and TED are apparently not good enough for him, read the article.
  • Setting up a “low” cost health information system in Spain, Microsoft Blog, Link
  • Low tech solution for preventing airborne disease– open the window! Link
  • Building Capacity – S.African Scientists Train In Latest Drug Discovery Techniques At Emory University, Link
  • Netherlands provides health insurance for 115,000 Nigerians, via Sociolingo
  • Final, random link of the day – Want to see what 60,000 plastic bags looks like? That is the number used in the US every five seconds. Link

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March 6, 2007 at 7:07 am

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