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Condom Applicator: The Most Beautiful Object In South Africa 2007 Award

The annual Design Indaba Expo in S.Africa was a couple of weeks ago and this condom applicator was a winner.

“The condom applicator has been described by Design Indaba Expo curator Bernard George Smith as one of those rare products that bridges the divide between social, cultural, economic and international barriers by solving a problem common to all. (it is) a small product that could have one of the biggest impacts on our social, cultural and economic future…It has taken years of work to develop this product…The retail price is R28-R30 for a package of three condoms and applicators.” (Link) See Dezeen Magazine for links to the video demonstration.


Thanks to Cat at AIDG for sending this story in, she saw this over at Boing Boing; Gizmodo and Dezeen Mag have also covered this. I am wondering about the usability and cost of this item and if they actually have done user testing on the product. We definitely need new ideas out there and I am curious if people will actually buy and use this. Any opinions on that?

The firm XYZ has also been involved in other design for development projects (link). They have this infant eye tester also: “Infant Eye testing carried out in rural settings requires flexible, durable and innovative design. The Eyeaware achieves this by reducing the component count from ten to two parts, which allow each eye to be tested with one of three lenses whilst the other is being shielded.”



Written by Aman

March 5, 2007 at 7:08 am

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