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Tidbits: Cheap Vaccines From Tobacco, Bush on Malaria & PEPFAR, Gates Foundation Ethics, Davos

  • Breakthrough in Vaccine Manufacturing via Tobacco & Other Plants-
    “A breakthrough in research will help make certain vaccines much cheaper and ideal for people in poor countries…Henry Daniell (his website had video as well) has found a way to genetically engineer plants to make large amounts of certain vaccines…Scientists first inject plants, like tobacco, lettuce or carrots, with vaccine genes. These are then planted in a greenhouse before being crushed and put into capsules to be taken by patients…ust one acre of tobacco plants, for example, could produce enough anthrax vaccine to inoculate everyone in the United States…Professor Daniell says he decided to work on cheap vaccines after witnessing the impact of disease in his native India.” LINK. As a side note, for more innnovate work on vaccines, check out the work by the CGDEV (Center for Global Development.
  • Bush on Malaria and AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) –
    From last nights State of the Union 2007 – “I ask you to provide $1.2 billion over five years so we can combat malaria in 15 African countries…We must continue to fight HIV/AIDS, especially on the continent of Africa”. LINK.
  • Davos (World Economic Forum) Conversation –
    There are many people blogging about Davos, NextBillion has some more references. One more for you to check out is (LINK).
  • Gates Foundation and Ethics of Philanthropy –
    The decision by the Gates Foundation continues to be debated. Check out this carnival of opinions sounding off from the blogosphere in one spot. LINK to TactilePhilanthropy.
  • Infrastructure in India –
    Vinod Khosla’s Marshall Plan for rural India, “One out of 10 people on this planet is a rural Indian…” LINK to Salon article.

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January 24, 2007 at 7:53 am

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