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Desk Clearing: Social Capitalist Awards, Gates Foundation, Mobile Phones as a Human Right and more…

It’s time to do some housekeeping, there are several interesting stories this week that you will find below. Also do not forget to vote for the 59smartestorgs online.


  • Fast Company has another issue devoted to the Social Capitalist Awards with several articles. Link
  • More on the Gates Foundation story, it looks like they have decided to stick to their guns. WorldChanging haswritten extensively on this, check it out (Transforming Philanthropy) and Philanthropy 2173 is asking you to vote on this issue. For the LA Times article see the link below:
  • Gates Foundation to keep its investment approach. Link
  • Are mobile phones a human right? Link
  • RH Reality Check has a posting about the US lack of support for UNFPA, an issue taken up by an impressive grass roots campaign, known as 34 Million Friends. You can view a video here.

Pharmaceutical & Device Developments/Breakthroughs

  • A Real-World AIDS Vaccine? Link
  • Researchers Discover Drug That Blocks Malaria Parasites. Link
  • Nigeria to enact law to back malaria, HIV drugs. Link
  • Roche Diagnostics Submits West Nile Virus Blood Screening Test to FDA. Link
  • This is a very cool story about the discovery of forgotten “cures”.
    Ancient Book of Herbs Used in the War on Bacteria. NY Times link, via MedGadget.
  • For another take on the “Ethical Pharmaceuticals” Model, check out this lengthy piece.

Written by Aman

January 19, 2007 at 7:10 am

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