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In the News: Diagnostics for Global Health; White House Malaria Summit

Several different news items worthwhile reporting plus one unrelated video I found very interesting:

improveddxggh.jpg1) Improved Diagnostic Technologies for the Developing World

A Great series of articles published in NATURE – Description from “Improving people’s access to tests for the major diseases of the developing world and making the tests more accurate could save hundreds of thousands of lives, say researchers. Millions of people in developing countries die each year from illnesses that are preventable or treatable because the diagnostic tests are too expensive, complex or inefficient to use. A series of papers published in Nature (7 December) calls on scientists, policymakers, and global health organisations to work towards making these tests appropriate for use in poor countries.”

2) Whitehouse Malara Summit – LIVE WEBCAST, 12/14 (8:45am EST)

The WSJ (via Brown Global Health Blog) has an interview with Melinda Gates. “She is stepping into the limelight as an outspoken advocate for closing the global health gap. On Thursday, she plans to announce an expanded initiative with President Bush and first lady Laura Bush’s summit on fighting malaria, a mosquito-borne disease that kills one million people a year, mostly children under five.” The White House Summit on Malaria to bring together international experts, corporations and foundations, African civic leaders, and faith-based organizations to raise awareness of the issue of malaria. will provide a LIVE webcast of the summit.

3) Health Affairs Blogging about Health Insurance – Private Insurance For Developing Countries

4) The Dove Campaign – this is unrelated but I found this short clip fascinating, which I originally saw over at From Tribeca to Tanzania.


Written by Aman

December 12, 2006 at 8:41 pm

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