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Malaria Atlas Map & Malaria March Madness


Dec. 5, 2006 Malaria map aims to tackle killer disease

LONDON (Reuters) – Researchers are creating a global malaria map to tackle the killer disease by pinpointing the areas where it strikes most often. The map, the first in 40 years, is designed to spot mosquitoes carrying the malaria parasite and determine where they are likely to infect people so the best control and treatment strategies can be implemented.

The map is based on malaria data from surveys that have been done, population censuses and satellite information. The first version, which will be freely accessible on the Internet, should be available in 12-18 months. You can read the full story via Reuters…

The MAP project has taken a fun approach to knocking out Malaria, they using the US college basketball tournament, March Madness, as a way to energize teams – check it out – malaria march madness. See Pienso for another cool sports/basketball story on tackling Malaria – Sports Illustrated on Malaria Nets.

malariascientist.jpgUPDATE: The cover story of The Scientist this month is – Beating Malaria. Its an okay aritcle with interesting tidbits of information.  The article covers a whole range of issues surrounding the malaria fight – problems with biology, supply chain issues, private market for Coartem, pharamceutical care, provider and patient education, public-private partnerships, poor quality manufacturing, and the role of the private sector. The story is centered around a pioneer in anti-malaria drug reserach and how he shifted the paradigm in malaria treatment to combo therapy which was a breakthrough in the field. This fellow is described as such – “Nosten, who founded SMRU 20 years ago after several years as a young volunteer for Medicine Without Frontiers,  built it into one of the most innovative and productive malaria research outposts in the world.” FULL STORY.


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December 6, 2006 at 7:12 am

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