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Microbicides, Cheaper ARV Drugs and Global Media AIDS Initiative

Today is World AIDS Day and there are three pieces of good news to report.


1) UCSF study will test new vaginal microbicide for herpes and HIV
Two days ago, UCSF reported that they will start the phase I clinical trials of microbicides in the US. For those of you unfamiliar with microbicides, I do not think that it is a stretch to say the potential of this drug is revolutionary. As the the Global Campaign for Microbocides states – “Microbicides would be the most important innovation in reproductive health since the Pill.” I first read about this new trial over at medGadget. The entire microbicide story is a fascinating example on many levels – women’s empowerment, innovation in drug design, potential low cost supply of raw materials, and a massive public-private partnership undertaking. I am sure we will have many future stories about this technology.

2) Clinton’s Foundation Brokers AIDS Deal
The NY Times reported yesterday that a major and timely breakthrough that may not have been possible in a few years due to changing global IP (TRIPS) regulations, the Clinton Foundation negotiated an over 50% cut for 19 different ant-retroviral (ARV) drugs for kids.

3) Global Media AIDS Initiative now being run by South Africa ABC Network
“Today at the United Nations MTV Networks International (MTVNI) is handing over the Chair of the Global Media AIDS Initiative (GMAI) Leadership Committee to Dali Mpofu, CEO of the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). Kofi Annan, commented: “Since the launch of the Global Media AIDS Initiative in 2004, there has been overwhelmingly broad participation…has mobilized media companies around the world to make unprecedented commitments to HIV prevention through innovative campaigns and programming. “There has never been a greater effort by media to fight this epidemic,”


Written by Aman

December 1, 2006 at 7:08 pm

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