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Blog Roundup: Solutions in Global Health

There has been a plethora of stories and posts from around the web focusing on solutions in global health. Here are a select few that are well worth noting:

1) Developing Appropriate Technology – –
Even though this is from last month and is “old” I thought it was important enough to highlight an organization that is focused on incubating the manufacture of low cost technologies. The main blog for AIDG (Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group) is well worth checking out for their mission and projects and Fast Company highlighted the organization as well as the Private Sector blog from the World Bank.

AIDG also has highligted the involvement of yet another celebrity in the global health arena. As we posted previously Jay Z had an MTV special called Water for Life. Check out AIDG and the video links they have. When I first saw this news I was really excited as I thought it would be an opportunity to spread the word about this issue, however after trying to watch the 30 minute special on TVs in three different households at three different times I was unable to access the show. MTV was showing this special on one of their other channels and not the main channel AND the TV times were extremely poor (one of the three *total* showings I could find was at 7am). So much for spreading the word. I suppose I was naive in thinking millions would be watching MTV when this came on.

2) Simple Test Could Make World’s Water Supplies Safer:
Dr. Buttery at VCU has post on a new test for detecting arsenic, you can read that blog for more details. The folks at Brown’s Global Health Blog have also posted a story about water – Clean Water is Right (Economist Story).

3) Stories of Hope From Africa & the African Brand:
Time Magazine and their blog has another piece on success on the ground. I have not had a chance to fully read their main piece but I encourage you to check it out. It is nice to see them highlighting hope instead of the usual barrage of despair. Related to this, from Pienso, is a piece on Africa’s brand that is well worth passing along to your friends. A tiny snippet: “The need for Africa to communicate, differentiate and symbolize itself to all the global audience of consumers and investors cannot be overstated… Ultimately, the hope of Africa and its global family lies in investing in a new identity of a functioning Africa than a selective approach where islands of hope are created in the midst of an ocean of hopelessness and misery.”

4) Harnessing University Research to Improve Global Health: UAEM
The Center for Global Development health policy blog discusses the coverage this topic is recieving in some high level journals such as Nature and BMJ.

5) Health & Human Rights: Health Affairs
While this is not directly focused on solutions it is worth pointing out the coverage on human rights. Picking up on the APHA theme, the new Health Affairs blog (for a leading policy journal) had four posts last week on human rights that you might want to check out.


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November 29, 2006 at 7:27 pm

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