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Public Health Documentary in NYC: RSVP TODAY!

Thanks to Farzaneh for sending this, it looks like a fantastic film. Another testament to the use of video to spread messages about global development, RSVP IS TODAY –


Dear friends and colleagues,

For those of you who know me personally and/or through my work, you know that I have spent several years working tirelessly on a few documentary film projects about Africa while also committing my NYC time to an innovative youth organization called Urban Word NYC which provides after-school programming for inner city youth writers and poets throughout the five boroughs.

I’m happy and excited to announce that I’m finally blending these two passions with a new film project called MYTH OF THE MOTHERLAND that I have wanted to do for at least four years now. The film will follow ten Urban Word youth on a creative writing journey throughout Africa . For five weeks this summer, we will travel to five different countries as the youth meet with African scholars, writers, musicians and activists, creating poetry and art that will help break stereotypes about Africa and Africans for their American youth peers.

Perhaps an experience I had earlier this week will give you a sense of the impact I believe this project may have. On Monday, I screened Kebba Jobarteh and Nduka Amankulor’s film I directed called “We Will Not Die Like Dogs” profiling four African AIDS activists at a big American public health conference in Boston . The response I received from the Africans in the packed 250-person room solidified my belief that the next generation will have a better understanding of global health, development and the responsibility of the U.S. in world affairs if they are part of the dialogue about it, which is basically the premise of the film. Going to Africa has changed my ideas about the world immensely. Now I want to share it with the incredible and talented young people I have grown to love and respect.

I am attaching an invitation for a special cocktail reception that is occurring next Thursday, November 16th in anticipation of our fundraiser on December 12th in NYC. Hosted by Amanda Ward of Radioaktive Films, this reception is basically a call out to people who have great ideas, great contacts and/or great pocketbooks. I have included you on my personal invite list bc I believe you are at least one of them and understand or “get” what it is I am trying to do using the medium of film as my tool.

So, please come out and support this project. If you do not live in NYC, feel free to forward it to your contacts who may have an interest as well…it will be a very good night for networking and inspiration.

Thank you so much. Hope to see you next week!



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November 10, 2006 at 4:26 pm

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