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Water Solution Wins People Choice Awards at Intel-Berkeley Tech Entrepreneurship Challenge

A team of students from School of Engineering at Arizona State University, focusing on Africa, have partnered with a private firm to develop a water from air generator that produces potable water. Winning $20,000 in the Intel-Arizona challenge, the took 3rd place at the Intel-Berkeley challenge where they also picked up the “Peoples Choice Award”.award-asu-watel-sm.jpg

This “device capable of generating LOTS of water from the air. Potable water fit for drinking. It operates on a principle of condensation. When you set a glass of ice water on the table in moderate to high humidity environments the glass “sweats” or condenses water from the air. Condensed water tends to be very pure.” The Sustainable Arizona site has more details on the team and the technology.

From the UC Berkeley website: “In a world where clean, drinkable water is becoming a scarce resource, Watel Solutions has developed a unit that produces potable water by condensing humidity from the air. The unit’s comparative benefit lies in its efficiency in producing high amounts of water per kilowatt, allowing it to be powered by solar energy. The Company’s business strategy is to tap into virgin markets of the world, primarily Africa, where Watel Solutions is providing a cost-effective solution to the problem of quality and scarcity of drinkable water.”A October 27th, Forbes Press Release has full details on the challenge.


Written by Aman

November 6, 2006 at 4:35 am

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