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Where are the games (to educate on HIV/AIDS risks)?

In the same vein as tele-novelas scripted with socially responsible messages, several years ago Reliance Infocomm – a New Dehli communications and entertainment company – created four mobile phone-based games that teach HIV-prevention strategies as players navigate the various gaming worlds. The buzz on the net has been tremendous since the 2003 announcement of the Freedom HIV initiative. Yet this blogger has found that it’s much easier to locate the praises of the concept than to find the games. A search for Reliance Infocomm eventually deadended at Reliance Mobile World’s game station page without any links to the Freedom HIV gaming package. ZMQ software hosts the Freedom HIV link but the games themselves are only viewable as screenshots here. One would think such a noteworthy and socially responsible for-profit concept, with undisclosed amounts of the proceeds to benefit HIV/AIDS efforts, would be better marketed and readily available for download not only to mobile phones but interested gamers on PC platforms as well.


Written by thd

October 28, 2006 at 11:36 am

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  2. On the topic of HIV/AIDS and games (but not electronic games) – at the APHA Annual Meeting exhibition hall this week, I saw a woman from the company Slang Games selling a board game called “Teen Sense”. The objective is to teach teens about HIV/AIDS. It honestly seemed like another idea hatched from the inventor’s workshop. It wasn’t clear what would attract teens, certainly not the “Abstinence=No STDs” message on the front of the box. Here’s the Slang Games website.


    November 8, 2006 at 2:55 pm

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