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Intel’s Committment to Global Health


Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the Digital Healthcare Conference being sponsored by Intel. This conference was about the role of IT reshaping healthcare in the US and so you could imagine my surprise when Doug Busch, Intel VP and CTO of the Digital Health Group, introduced his excellent talk with reference to Intel projects in the Amazon. While only 10% of his talk was on global health and development, he also closed with more references to this project. I thought it was a big deal to have an intro and a conclusion both focused on global health for an audience that was there for commerical US based IT products.

I had known about Intel’s supposed committment to global health with the formation of the new Digital Health Group last year, however I was skeptical. My skepticism of their intent was erased at this industry and domestically focused conference.

You can learn more about Intel’s “World Ahead” Program here. Further, their committment is indicated in their healthcare policy proposal #3. Finally an Intel news release last month on the Amazon project has some information on their healthcare projects.

In future posts we plan to discuss other IT corporations involvement in global health and the mixed results that have been prodcued. Intel seems to have joined the game later than the others and this may be a good thing. More to come…

UPDATE – the IFC Blog on emerging markets has an additional take on Intel’s purpose.


Written by thd

October 24, 2006 at 6:19 pm

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