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Groundbreaking Study on Market for TB Vaccines

I did not read the full report and based on the press release I am not sure how “groundbreaking” this study really is. I guess for the time being we will have to take their word for it. Either way its great they have (hopefully) demonstrated an investment case for vaccines and global health:

tbbccover.gif“WASHINGTON, October 20, 2006 — According to a groundbreaking study released today by BIO Ventures for Global Health (BVGH), a vaccine to prevent tuberculosis presents a significant opportunity for industry investment with a potential global market of US $450 million to nearly $1 billion.

The first study of its kind, Tuberculosis Vaccines: The Case for Investment analyzes the demand for a tuberculosis vaccine and the potential return on industry investment, while demonstrating that a new TB vaccine would have tremendous public health impact.

“Every year, tuberculosis kills more than 2 million people and approximately 8 million new cases develop…TB vaccines could reduce deaths by as much as 62 percent…’This study is a key achievement in the field. BVGH confirms that pursuing solutions to global health challenges is not only good business but a compelling opportunity to save millions of livesIndustry’s expertise is invaluable in our work to make an effective and affordable vaccine for TB a reality. We hope that this study encourages more companies to get involved in the fight against tuberculosis.”

Full story here.


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