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Proven Success in Global Health: Diarrhea Case Study

One of the first books to take a solutions oriented approach to global health was published last year. Millions Saved is wonderful book documenting success in public health. Considering the previous post on the TIME magazine cover story I thought it would be good to discuss what works. I highly recommend this book:

“Millions Saved: Proven Success in Global Health is about part of that success story: 17 cases in which large-scale efforts to improve health in developing countries have succeeded – saving millions of lives and preserving the livelihoods and social fabric of entire communities.”

“In 1977, diarrheal diseases among children was identified as the cause of at least half of all infant deaths in Egypt.”

“Intervention or Program: The National Control of Diarrheal Disease Project of Egypt was established to promote the use of locally manufactured oral rehydration salts, which reverse the course of dehydration. The program sought to distribute the salts, along with information about the appropriate treatment of children with diarrhea, through public and private channels. The program reached mothers through mass media, including television.”

“Impact: The program succeeded in increasing the production of oral rehydration salts, increasing mother’s correct use of these salts, and changing feeding behavior.”

Full case here. Enjoy.


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