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Low Tech Innovation for Maternal Deaths: Life Wrap

“A simple, $150 device can save the lives of thousands of women around the world who are at risk from dying during childbirth. Suellen Miller explains the ‘life wrap’, which looks like a wet suit, and tells us how it can save lives.” Mother Jones Radio recently covered this story (begins at the 11:11 minute mark).

From the broadcast: “25-60% of death related to pregnancy is due to hemorrage…and 85% of women in poor countries deliver at home” meaning some of these women could die within 2 hours if they start hemoragging (the #1 cause of maternal mortality in US) but they are often times 2 days journey away from a hospital. According to the broadcast, in the past thirty years until now there has been no improvement made in maternal mortality, but this could provide a major solution. The Life Wrap device is now in trials.

The price of the suit is expected to come down dramatically. The suit can be used up to 50 times which at current prices is $2-$3 per usage. I encourage you to read more here and here.


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October 16, 2006 at 5:18 pm

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