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High Speed Internet2 Revolutionizes Global Medical Education

Sept. 28, 2006
— High-tech Web connection beams Hopkins medical experts across the globe in seconds

Imagine Johns Hopkins faculty members performing microsurgery in Tanzania from a computer terminal in a Baltimore operating room, or health care experts in Vietnam presenting an avian influenza patient to medical students gathered in the Hopkins outpatient center. These are some of the possible applications of a high-tech Internet communication system that will be used for the first time next week to link Johns Hopkins faculty with clinicians in India.

Internet2 is a high-speed, high-bandwidth, dedicated Internet network developed in 1996… On Tuesday, Oct. 3, Johns Hopkins faculty members will use this technology to conduct an interactive clinical education program on HIV/AIDS, with leading health care professionals in India.

This is a major advancement in global medical education,” says Robert C. Bollinger M.D., M.P.H., professor of infectious diseases at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and director of the Center for Clinical Global Health Education. “This technology will allow us to bring Hopkins’ expertise in clinical education to some of the most resource-limited settings in the world, and it will give Hopkins the opportunity to learn from experts in the field, thousands of miles away…You could never perform these procedures with a standard connection,” says Bollinger.

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    Telemedicine promises to revolutionise health sector in developing nations


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